Scum Manifesto

The reading, Scum Manifesto gets many emotions out of people due to critical view on the men. In my opinion, some of her ideas were ridiculous and at the same time funny. For example, she mentioned how men are very insecure so the male attains its power and masculinity by giving money and being the breadwinner. It is funny to think about this because she is overreacting but in a way a lot of men get offended and do not like when their wife earns more money. It’s something about the power or the pride, we don’t know but that is true in some cases.She also spoke out how men need wives because their need to be a “mamma’s boy”.They want to be sheltered and protected by a woman and some of them will marry for this reason and also to create his own community where he can rule and be in power. She goes out of her way to talk about how men are emotionless and the only thing that matters to them is their pride, even though this could be true in some cases that doesn’t mean that we should judge the whole gender by this theory. Something that made me laugh a little was when she went as far to say that men are incomplete females and they have envy towards us. Valerie went as far as making men inhuman beings and almost a toy, how women don’t need them and while females do everything all men are good for is reproduction.Despite the reading’s length it was easily read and entertaining and some points were relating to life, but the negativity was ridiculous. It wasn’t hard to read, but it was definitely a little boring but she had a lot of humorous points. It almost sounds as she had a very bad experience with men and she’s just going off with things she might not even truly believe.


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