Final Project

Feminist Dystopias Spring 2016
Final Project
Option 1: Blog Feature Article

Write a 1000-1200 word feature article for our course blog, in which you perform an in-depth investigation of a research question related to the material we have studied this semester. Your article should include cite at least three scholarly sources (accessed via academic databases). It should also include links to any resources from popular media, and contain embedded video clips, sound files, and/or photographs that are relevant to your discussion. 
Your topic should be very specific. 

For example: 

B*tch vs Boss: Nikki Minaj’s Hip Hop Feminism
Get in Formation: Beyoncé’s Black Feminist Take on Institutional Racism
No Place to Pee?: Transphobia and North Carolina’s Dystopian Bathroom Law
Option 2: Creative Project 

Choose a topic you would like to investigate further based on the issues and questions we have been exploring this semester. Either individually or in collaboration with classmates (groups of up to 4 students are okay), make a creative project based on your chosen research topic. This could take the form of a zine, a performance, a short video, a slide presentation, a tumblr, an annotated playlist, or any number of other original forms.

Your creative project should reference at least three academic sources used as background research. Additionally, you will write a 300-500 word blog post in which you share documentation of your project and give a description of your creative process. If your project is a collaboration, please account for the individual contribution of each member of the group.
You should have a specific, concrete plan for both the content and format of your project.

For example:

Girls to the Front: An Annotated Feminist Playlist

This project presents an original playlist of feminist punk music that emerged out of the riot girl movement. Each track is accompanied by commentary exploring the feminist themes, style and music history of the song.
No Choice: A Collaborative Zine about Reproductive Rights

This project is a collaboration between three students interested in reproductive health, access, and the law. Our 12 page zine includes poetry, drawings, practical information about contraception, a chart showcasing abortion laws across the 50 states, and anonymous personal narratives based on interviews with friends who have faced tough reproductive choices.

Our Republic: A Utopian Video

Two students collaborate to produce a 5 minute video showcasing a vision of a new ideal society. Based on Plato’s Republic and other famous Utopias, this video uses images, and voice-over to present a vision of a feminist future. 

A preliminary page proposal is due in class Thursday April 28th.

I will be holding office hours for consultation about your projects during regular class time on Tuesday May 3.

Thursday May 5 is an in-class workshop day.

All projects will be presented on our final class day, May 5th.


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