Final Project

The final creative project for Women and Gender studies we decided to create a video containing interviews of various questions about feminism. The questions we asked were, “What do you consider a feminist?”, “Was there ever a time where you felt discriminated against because of your gender?”, “Do you think men can be feminists?”, “Have you ever witnessed a situation where someone was treated differently due to their gender?”, and “Do you think things will change if we have a women president?” A lot of people were hesitant in being in the video in the first place let alone coming up with the answer to these questions. We tried to find a array of people form people in their twenties to people who are 18, boys and girls, different areas of studies, etc. Also, a lot of people wanted to answer the “What do you consider a feminist?” question, and a lot of people gave a similar answer of “Belief in women’s rights.” When asking the second question there wasn’t many responses from the boys who felt they were ever discriminated against because of their gender, but a lot of boys did witness it. One response that stuck out to me was when a girl answered saying that she was the president of a club at her school and the vice president was a boy. Even though she was in charge, they went to the boy. This also brings into effect the last question. If we have a women president will things change? Or will people go to the vice president like a club in her school. I know it is a way less of a level but its something to think about. Almost every person I asked that question to believes that things will change if we have a women president, that gender equality will actually happen. Also, a lot of people who answered the question whether men can be feminist answered yes, but never could really explain how or why. A lot of boys also did not want to answer that question because I do know a lot of boys who think boys should have more rights and more power over females. Furthermore, I really enjoyed this project because I loved hearing what everyone had to say about this topic that is extremely controversial. A lot of people  did not even want to answer any of the questions probably because they did not want to affend anyone with their opinion. Some of the people I already knew things about, who I know would have strong opinions, were sort of hesitant to answering. Another small little thing that I noticed was that there was a lot of people who did not want to be in the video because of their appearance. That also brings up points of how society views people and how people always feel they have to look perfect, but that is just a little side note. Overall, I loved this project and the the number of different options we had which allowed us to be creative.


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