FInal Project

Emilia Cadden

Women and Gender Studies

Professor Steinmetz

Option Two: Creative Project


Let’s Sip Some Lemonade Zine


I’ve been a fan of Beyonce since long before she became the global sensation that she is today. She has always been one of my artistic inspirations and a positive role model for girls; no one can deny that she exudes a sexy confidence and an equal grace. However, that is not why I chose to do my project on her most recent album “Lemonade.” Originally, I was going to come up with my own manifesto, but I have been so struck by the beauty and power of this album. In my eyes, there are four tiers of importance that make it so powerful. The first is the vocal level. Obviously Beyonce has a beautiful voice, but I have never heard her sound like this on any of her previous tracks. It is the most raw and exposed that she has ever allowed herself to be. The listener can sense how intensely she feels the strength of her emotions as she is singing and this creates a very chilling effect. Secondly, it is the music behind the vocals that boost her vocal appeal. Each song on the album has an entirely different style and quality. It ensures that listeners never lose interest and almost feels like a new album with each individual piece. She pulled from almost every genre and this strategy created a universal attraction. Thirdly, the lyrics bring the music and vocals together perfectly. Each song is different, but all are meaningful, relatable and just unique enough. Also, her targeting of social and political issues bring the album to a new level of importance; she goes beyond loving, feminist and “boss-bitch” lyrics. Lastly, the visual part of the album drew everything together. The video footage is captivating and “Lemonade” will definitely go down in history.

For the creative side of my project, I knew that a zine was the way to go. I enjoyed doing the first one so much and think that they are a cute way to draw attention to any message or opinion. For this project, I wanted to do a track-by-track analysis in a fun and simple way. Hopefully I accomplished this! Research for this was not very complex. It came mostly from my own observations and endless listening to the album. However, I did reference the following sites for second opinions:




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