Final Project

For my group’s final project, we originally wanted to do a collection of zines. Each persons zine would be about a different topic. Mine was about the Bechdel test and it eventually evolved into a creation of the Sophie test. The Sophie test is a much more difficult and up to date version of the Bechdel test because by 2016 we should expect more from movies and television when it comes to representation. To start off, my group members and I got our information. I used a few articles from Google Scholar and also Eventually Diana thought it would be a better idea to do a magazine. So rather than doing a large article I made different bullet points and explained the Sophie Test. I tried to show the different movies that pass the Bechdel test versus the Sophie test and how much harder it is to pass when race, sexuality, or gender identity come into the mix. Diana did her own magazine article/originally a zine about how girls are attacked on social media. Deanna decided to do body positivity, while Maria did a comic book about a feminist superhero and also put palm reading into the comic because that’s what we’re into these days. So, we put the magazine together and added pictures. Now we have to present it and we’re scared. I’m losing things to write about. The Sophie Test requires a conversation between at least one named person of color, or sexuality, or gender identity. You get extra points if the movie is directed by a women. Kathryn Bigelow for the win!! You also get extra points if your conversation is about something other than the criteria that got you into this test in the first place. I added that last part because I thought maybe it was a good idea that movies get praised for making it more than just their race, sexuality, or gender identity. People are more than that, so they should be represented that way.


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