Final Project

This project was probably the most fun group project I’ve been in. I really liked the different formats we were given a chance to do, I thought that made it even more interesting and fun. Coming up with my own ideas and contributing them with others to create a whole project on my own was really different. It was a bit of a challenge coming up with an initial idea and we changed our minds many times before settling down on one specific thing that we all liked. But I’m glad I was given this challenge, because we did persevere and do a pretty good job.

Initially, my group and I had decided to do a collection of zines that we would bring together to prove one topic, but since everyone in the class had already taken part in the zine making activity, we changed it into a full magazine. We each wrote our own articles in a range of topics from body positivity to body shaming. We even included a fun palm reading activity at the end, since we were really interested in the topic.

I wrote the article called, Stop Sexualizing Females in Comic Books and it’s basically about the different ways females are sexualized in comic books in comparison to males. There are pictures that along with it and different examples. I also included the palm reading portion as a fun activity that people who read the magazine can take part in.

I think our magazine will be really well liked and it’s something that everyone will enjoy, because I really enjoyed being a part of it.



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