Final Project

For my final I decided to work collaboratively with a group to do a “creative” project. Originally we were going to create a collection of zines and each person would have a subtopic to discuss in their individual zine. However, we decided to make one big magazine instead.

Our magazine is called “The Fourth Wave”, referencing the fourth wave of feminism that we currently are witnessing in the world. We wanted to focus on the feminism issues of today, especially taking into consideration the influence of social media platforms and the media in general. Each person in the group had a specific topic to discuss within our magazine.

I decided to write about gender inequality in today’s age and the unfairness women face in the workplace. Instead of deciding just to write a boring article about the depressing issue I chose to make it satirical. I wrote my article as if I agreed with gender inequality just to show how dumb and wrong the people who actually try justifying unequal pay sound. My other group members either wrote articles about the topics they chose or did something more creative, like “The Sophie Test”. Each of us worked on our parts individually and I put it all into the magazine format.


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