City of Ladies

I really like the ideas Christine de Pizan used to create the City of Ladies. I thought it was really interesting that as Christine built her city, she used each famous woman as a sort of building block for walls and houses of the city. I also really liked the fact that she created a character based off of herself to join the city; I thought that was really clever.

I thought the quote she used at the end was very meaningful.

“Drive back these treacherous liars who use nothing but tricks and honeyed words to steal from you that which you should keep safe above all else: your chastity and your glorious good name.” 

It spoke a lot of truths. A woman’s honor and her name are some of the most important thing to and about her and it was really easy to lose a hold of them when we’re presented with sweet words from those we think we can trust, but in reality cannot. I think they’re a nice choice for parting words, not just for the Ladies in the City, but for the readers as well.



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