This reading was very intriguing and eye opening in the way that it discusses how women are a group of people that are constantly being oppressed by men. No matter the race, ethnicity, religion, etc., woman are all oppressed in this society. I find it insane that an entire gender, half of the world’s population, is oppressed just for being a woman; I will never understand the logic.

I enjoyed when the author discussed the “invisibility of the oppression of women”. This was the part when she brought up the idea of little girls not being able to stay out and play as long as the boys.

“Why can’t I go to the park; you let Jimmy go!”

“Because it’s not safe for girls.”

In moments like these we realize that the answer never has to do with the individual but instead the answer relies on the fact that the individual is part of a group that is oppressed. The little girl can’t go to the park because she did something wrong or needs to stay home and finish school work, it’s simply because she is a girl. At a young age girls are already taught what they can and can’t do because of their gender. As we get older, it takes years to unlearn the gender norms we have been taught since birth.


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