Our Final Proj.

Chelsea and I’s project took the form of a Tumblr that we created based on the idea of the ‘city of ladies’ project we did earlier in the year. The theme of our Tumblr is a ‘women’s hall of fame’ which includes information on all women (and one male) that we deemed to have made a positive impact on the female movement.

Our post’s range from reblogged meme’s to video excerpts taken from inspirational speeches on women empowerment. We tried to keep text to a minimum in order to create a non-abrasive page that users could enjoy scrolling through. The women that we chose varied from celebrities such as Emma Watson who are using their popularity to gain support for women organizations to professional athletes such as Serena Williams who are setting examples as role models.

We had the idea of creating our page as a Tumblr because we want to appeal to the youth generation. Throughout our Women and Gender Studies course one aspect that we touched on was how women’s rights have evolved throughout the years with the aid of pop culture; for example, Beyoncé’s albums. We feel that by getting our page on Tumblr we are targeting our youth generation and hopefully motivating them to re-blog and raise awareness so that we can continue to push for gender equality and rights for women.

Chelsea and I worked hand in hand together carefully selecting the aesthetic theme of our Tumblr page. We sat down and brainstormed a large list of figures we found most influential for women and evenly divided up the 25 figures to research and create posts on. For posts on figures such as Cleopatra and Coco Chanel, we added a small paragraph description under their picture’s to explain their importance in the women’s movement in the past.

Check out our Tumblr at: cityofladies-wgs.tumblr.com


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