Scum Manifesto

The Scum Manifesto is something that I find hysterical. A lot of boys I know always try to make themselves feel tough and a lot better then everyone else but this really brings out funny points that makes everyone think twice. For example, she mentioned how men are very insecure so the male attains its power and masculinity by giving money and being the breadwinner. This is very funny because it could be kind of true. The men in a household, typically when a lot of people were to think of it, consists of a man who brings home the money and the women who is the stay at home mom. The insecure part could be true because the man would feel weird if he was a stay at home dad. Something that made me laugh was when she went as far to say that men are incomplete females and they have envy towards us. Her belittling the men is very funny and probably an eye opener for most men. Most men are not used to girls making fun of them mostly the other way around so this is a nice change of the norm.


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