The book of the City of Ladies

Christine is visited by three magical sisters whose names are Lady Reason, Lady Rectitude, and Lady Justice. Lady Reason tells Christine that she’s wrong for thinking that women are bad. In fact, Lady Reason is so convinced of this that she tells Christine de Pizan to build a great city for all the best women in the world to live in.

The Book of the City of Ladies follows the same pattern over and over. First, Christine will bring up a common female stereotype. Second, one of the three magical ladies will say that it’s not true. And last but not least, the magical lady will then provide a laundry list of examples of women who prove that the exact opposite is true, thus showing Christine (and all of us readers) that women are really great.

At the end of the book, Christine de Pizan has finished constructing the City of Ladies and has populated it with the greatest women from history and literature. She also feels confident that she has shown once and for all that women are just as good as men. I Really enjoyed this story because it shows all the things woman are capable of. Woman have came a really long way and still have a long way to go, but thanks to these ladies, we have some hope and inspiration.


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