The city of ladies

Marium Iqbal

The city of ladies:

For the most part, The Book of the City of Ladies follows a certain pattern and this structure is very important to her work. First, up a common female stereotype is brought. Second, one of the three magical ladies say that it’s not true. And last but not least, the magical lady will then provide a laundry list of examples of women who prove that the exact opposite is true, thus showing us that women are really great. By the end of the book, Christine de Pizan has finished constructing the City of Ladies and has populated it with the greatest women from history and literature. She also feels confident that she has shown once and for all that women are just as good as men. And then at the last second, she tells her female readers to be obedient to their husband, probably because she worried about the trouble she’d get into if she said anything more radical. I found her work extremely empowering, it was a good read and written almost like a fairy tale. She truly made the feminist movement a little stronger than before. I really liked it.


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