Thomas More Utopia

Thomas More’s tone in writing ‘Utopia’ is extremely condescending. At first while reading his piece I had hope’s that ‘Utopia’ would be supportive of women due to the section where he explains that each man and women practice household skills so that they can both find which they would like to focus on. He then throws away the little hope I had in his piece by writing, “Women for the most part, deal in wool and flax, which suit best in their weakness”. He completely contradicts his writing before when he explains that the style of dress will be the same for both men and women, creating social equality by eliminating gender roles. He continues to contradict these ideas by further writing, “and if after a person learns a trade, he desires to acquire another, this is also allowed”. Notice how More writes HE. There is no mention of whether women will be allowed to learn multiple tasks as well. Although it may seem at first that Thomas More may be creating a ‘Utopia’ that suites everyone’s needs, unfortunately that cannot be found true.


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