Utopia vs Dyatopis part 2 of final project

Marium Iqbal

Women and Gender Studies

Creative Project



I’m Tired of This:



It’s been years since the illness humanity is plagued with has started, catching like wildfire, the world’s departed it started off with the vast mutation of a microbe that struck the nation the pain it’s caused, the lives it’s destroyed people tried to hide, they just couldn’t avoid… All the corruption, devastation, and injustice Entrapped within the dark abyss I’m tired of this….
I want to create a home for me, a no man’s land where I can be. A place unhaunted by tragedies from the past. A place where the good fight, is the only one that lasts. Where love triumphs evil. And there is no religious, social, or political upheaval Where children don’t go missing at the grocery. And the police department don’t arrive too late. A place where we don’t fear what our neighbors might hide over the decades. A place where justice doesn’t break stride. Where evil has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.
Welcome to my city, the one I, so desperately yearn for The one I envision in my mind, seeking to escape the reality that’s struck me down till I am sore A place that’s fair… Not some manifestation of a night mare This is a place no one has to fear No man, woman, or child need shed a tear. Here, there is no such thing as abuse And no one is forced into anything, they can simply refuse. No discrimination… Or miscommunication A place where happiness is a priority A world of peace and tranquility This is the kind of place I want to call home A place where everyone is free to roam Not some sick twisted world where people take pleasure in seeing others suffer Nor in a place that everything just seems all the more tougher Not in a world where gender inequalities and inequities exist But in a place evil tends to resist Home is supposed to be your safe place It shouldn’t be disrupted because of your race I’m tired of this… A time of peace, happiness, and justice, we so desperately miss.


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