Final Blog Post

My group and I wanted to look further onto the views of feminists. We wanted to know what people considered a feminist to be or if they consider themselves to be a feminist. We decided to ask multiple people on their perspectives about this topic. Many of these people were of different genders or ages. In our presentation we talked about current feminist activist making a difference now, as well as showed a buzzfeed video on what the stereotypes of being a feminist are to our world today.
This project idea interest me a lot due to the controversies and stereotypes that everyone, especially the media classifies and portrays these feminist activists. Doing this project helped me really understand certain perspectives people had on feminist issue that as well as gender biased roles that exist in our world today. We not only focused on the issues involving views on feminists, but also gender equality. In our video, we asked 5 questions: What do you consider being feminist? Was there ever a time you felt discriminated because of your gender? Have you ever witnessed a situation where someone was treated differently due to his or her gender? Do you believe someone who identifies, as a man could be a feminist activist as well? Do you think things would be different if a woman were to be President? Since many women are treated unfairly in the workforce the question of “do you think things would be different if a women were president?” interested me a lot, and I was very curious to see the responses. Many people discussed the negative connotation given with the idea of being feminist, showing that society and social media has transformed the meaning of being a feminist into something negative. I enjoyed this project a lot and learned so much about feminism by speaking and interviewing others.


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