The City of Ladies

            The Book of the City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan has an interesting concept behind  it. It all started with the author coming across the book by Matheolus. She was annoyed and hurt how women were discussed in this. She thinks of God and why he made her a women if she is so imperfect. She even says ” If all of this is true, I wish I as a man to serve God better. If I haven’t served you well enough because of lack of resources.” She was so occupied with these painful thoughts until three magical ladies visited her . They told her to create her own city of ladies for those who are ladies of fame and women worthy of praise, and close the wall for those women who lack virtue. The three ladies had a huge effect on her by providing list of examples of women who are not the stereotypes like in the books she read. After that, she feels that there are women that are actually as good as men. It was interesting how she told the reader to listen to her husband because she was probably worried about getting in-trouble if doing otherwise. I enjoyed reading this piece, it was well written and I feel like she really made the feminist movement stronger than it was before. It was great!


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