Final Blog Post

For this project I intend on working independently to create a website demonstrating women in graphic design and the gender inequality and glass ceiling that exists in that field. I chose to work on a website for a few reasons. The main reason was dealing with my specific topic I felt a creative technological presentation was the way to go. This way I could work with graphics and designing myself. I also prefer this method as I believe it is more interesting and fun to create rather than a powerpoint or research paper. I gathered all of my information at first including images, and then put it all together to create a website. It was extremely time consuming but I had several pages that represented a different section of my topic. For this technology I used the website WIX that helps you create a website through a template. The readings that informed me on the project from class and gave me inspiration were “Oppression” and  “Riot Grrrl: Revolution from Within.” These pieces opened up my eyes even more to the oppression women face and then interesting ways we can revolutionize and change that. In order to search for sources I used Jstor. These sources are:

Thomson, Ellen Mazur. “Alms for Oblivion: The History of Women in Early American Graphic Design”. Design Issues 10.2 (1994): 27–48. Web…

Scotford, Martha. NWSA Journal 12.2 (2000): 203–206. Web 07 May 2016

Chiti, Judith. Woman’s Art Journal 10.1 (1989): 51–52. Web 07 May 2016

The link to my project can be found here:


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