Final Project

The final for this class was enjoyable to work on, and working in groups made it that much better. As a group, we went through many different ideas throughout the final project in order to come out with our final result. Originally, we planned on doing a zine collection that goes through the waves of feminism, but realized that zines need to be much more original than this. Then, each individual was going to do their own zine with varying topics, and mine was body positivity. However, we figured that since we have already done a zine project and we wanted to do something different, the four of us agreed upon the idea of a magazine. In the magazine, we each did a page that involved the topics we previously chose to do our individual zines about. My small piece to the magazine focused on body positivity, what it is, what it does for women, and how companies are using the movement to sell products.

In my zine,I used a source from google scholar, but completely forget to include the proper citation underneath my article, so here is the citation and link to what I used.
Luck, Emma (2016) “Commodity Feminism and Its Body: The Appropriation and Capitalization of Body Positivity through Advertising,” Liberated Arts: a journal for undergraduate research: Vol. 2: Iss. 1, Article 4.
Available at:



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