Thomas More’s “Utopia”

We started off the semester by discussing the differences between utopias and dystopias. Because of this, Thomas More’s “Utopia” was an essential read because he created the term that refers to a perfect place. In “Utopia”, More creates a fantasy world that he envisions as perfect, however, it is far from it. While he tries to make it sound as if both genders are equal by allowing them to wear the same exact clothes, he strays far from this point as he continues. He states that women would not have the same opportunities as men, making the man superior in this society. More also makes it a point to say that women will do very little work around the society, and that their main point of existence is to get married off to men. I disagree with More’s idea of a “Utopia” because it does not allow people to make their own choices and makes men seem much more superior than women.


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